What a great guy! Though we did have a few conversations over the weekend, Charlie Hodge and I got this shot taken as we were trying to find our way back stage. There were only three long hallways to get around plus the kitchen, yet we seemed to get lost every time!


A Living Legend DJ Fontana. What a down to earth sweet man! Every time he turned around, someone was waitin’ on his autograph !I’m bettin’ it won’t be long before DJ makes it into the R&R Hall of Fame.


John Stuart of “Legends In Concert” fame is still very active & prosperous in the Vegas scene. His latest production “Ovations” is enjoying a long run at the Lady Luck Casino. Along with eight other on going productions, John is also lending his experience to his son’s film documentary on ETAs entitled “Missing Elvis”. I hadn’t seen John since our interview and was thrilled to hear of his many new prospects, including expansion of venues in other parts of the US!


I was behind the scenes during the contest trying to take a pic of Austria’s Bernie Bennings - I nearly lost my footing, which forced me to “click” and right after that, he sang the last note & leapt into the audience! I can’t show you that shot......I missed it.....HA!

ryan.jpg’s promoter Ryan Wood taking probably the first break in a week. Don’t let those open eyes fool you, he’s really sleeping! HA! Ryan honey, you did a fantastic job and deserve a big congratulations!! May the Good Lord’s look out for you son, God bless you always!


Part of my Wisconsin family - ha! This gang and LLM became very close when I co-hosted Jesse Aron’s Elvis Story In April 2005, Jesse will have his 2nd annual Showcase for the Special Olympics, where I will have the honor of introducing some of the top ETAs in the country!


Rhonda is promoter Ryan Wood’s other half! Although new in this type of industry (I don’t think it was by choice either LOL), she’s got her wits about her and folks, I just love her to bits!


My new friend Glen Hardin, the TCB piano man, with EAS patriarch Charlie Parks. I tell you when Glen played the 88, I felt like jammin’ with him, as did EAS’ keyboard Mike Parks I bet!


MC Ronnie Craig ,(who did a fantastic job hosting the contest) Kathleen DeNike (Collingwood Rocks With Elvis fan club president ) myself, and our new friends from Arizona behind us, still partying in the wee hours!


Dean Z mugging for my camera after sharing quite a few jokes... Now if I could have figured out how to make the camera talk.........that means video I guess.......


Jesse Aron and I taking a break from the action . Jesse is one of those rare finds - a combination of superb talent and sincere heart.


Dwight Icenhower, Matt King & Irv Cass hangin’ out in the lobby of the Showroom before the show.


The Imperials setting up for the Gospel Brunch. “Does anybody have an extension?”.........

Question & Answer Luncheon with Myrna Smyth - Emcee was the comical DJ Steve Christopher of Elvis On The Air Radio. Steve alsoDJ’d the Sock Hop.

Donnie Edwards, Jim Westover, and Jesse Aron., hangin’ loose at the Sunday Showcase.

EAS’ Cheryl (vocalist) and John Crenshaw (drummer) on one of the many treks to and fro either the buffet line, the slots or the Showroom!

The Imperials’ Sherman Andrus’ lead vocal during one particular song had the crowd in the palm of his musical soul and jumping to their feet with applause!


This is Greg Miller who worked as a “Legends” ETA for a few years and still pursues an active ETA career in Vegas.

EAS brass section - Yea baby..ain’t no sour notes here!


The Sweet Inspirations performing their hit song had the crowd swingin’ & singin’ right along!


Jerry Sheff on bass, Terry Mike Jeffery center, James Burton right - I was jumpin’ out of my seat to get this shot, and missed getting Glen Hardin in the pic! I was too excited listening to the greats! Oh well..........


Each time I see Myrna, she looks fantastic! This woman obviously doesn’t know the true meaning of “aging”!

There was certainly a whole lot of action going on in Vegas and fortunately, not a whole lot of time to gamble! What a whirlwind of entertainment! There seemed to be something happening from the second the plane landed at the airport and we loved every minute of it! So many celebrities to chat with; entertainers, actors, producers, musicians, promoters and the highlight of speaking with them, was realizing they were all Elvis fans! These celebrities shared something in common with the hundreds of people who attended the fantastic 1st annual ElvisExpo, their love and admiration for one of the greatest entertainers of our time, Elvis Presley. It was a powerfully moving experience to watch the musicians and vocalists who worked with EP on the Vegas stage and what a thrill to hear the sounds that brought back such fond memories. All of the performers did an outstanding job entertaining the fascinated crowd, who are sure to attend next year!. As for the well produced weekend of events from the convention to the contest, to the "meet & greets" to Sunday's Gospel brunch, it was filled with a magic that made you feel like you were attending an Elvis Love-In! Congratulations to promoter Ryan Wood, who did an absolutely amazing job of putting it all together and to Ryan's absolutely sweet and adorable wife Rhonda for "keeping it together" - you are both generous, accommodating hosts and wonderful souls!
Now friends, it’s true I have fun just about everywhere I travel and I enjoy watching shows, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and then coming back home to tell everyone about the great trip - all of which is made easier having one of LLM’s photographers with me to catch it all on film...... which I didn’t have on this trip. So I borrowed a company camera and ventured out on my own. Please remember I am not a photographer and when you see a shot with me in it, I implored a passer by to help me out. I hope you enjoy a few of these special moments captured with friends while in Vegas!


A good view from stage entrance right. EAS’ Charlie Parks on rhythm guitar in fore ground.

The contestants from a “rear” view! Ha!

DJ Fontana talking to EAS’ bassist Steve Fifer


The ExSpence Account Show Band - OUTSTANDING!!! All of these boys are gems, talented and dear to my heart! They worked very hard on this weekend, backing all the contestants and all the shows! Their reward (as they confided in me) was to play with the TCB band on the main show Saturday night - A thrill for beyond belief for these Elvis musicians! I was really touched watching them perform on that stage.

Irv Cass drinking his “moo-juice” at breakfast and Elvis’ Kissin’ Cousins co-star Cynthia Pepper joins us from Vegas’ Elvis-O-Rama .


Besides the top of someone’s head, I was trying to focus on a group shot it’s the right half of my view, but boy did it sound good! I was so into this show!


“Hey Jo......did you get a pic of this guy from Germany?” says Charlie - “Ya, but only from the back.......again” I replied.......

I hurried the ETAs out to the stage to take a bow.......then I realized I wanted to get a pic from the front as opposed to all the rear shots. Every side door was locked and it took me so long to get the pic that the boys were already making their exit!

Elvis Tribute Artists Radio


We met Trish in her jewelry kiosk in the arbor of the hotel. Pictured here with Gary Elvis Britt, Trish tells us of her meeting Elvis when she was a stewardess with American Airlines and how, like us, she fell in love with his gentle nature!