“Legends In Concert” has him working in all of their resort venues - Big shows and tours dates are always nestled in between - Acting opportunities pop up left, right and center, with a TV game show (NBC’s Weakest Link) appearance to boot - He’s shooting a commercial in Branson - wait - he’s off to England to do more filming - In studio recording an album.............is there any “off time” for some R&R?

Visiting www.ryanpelton.com has become a habit for Ryan Pelton fans, who closely monitor his performance dates - and they get their updates on his career by word of mouth as well as the mouth of LLM. As a result of his popularity, it was becoming increasingly clear that for the Montreal fans at least, their most precious ETA may not have the time in his busy schedule to perform for them any time soon. But their most precious ETA made it clear that he will always make time to perform for his fans in Montreal, as was the case on March 21st, 2003.

27 hours and no sleep, traveling from one airport and time zone to another, Ryan Pelton landed in Montreal for a one night only performance. With less than two weeks notice that Ryan would perform here, fans shuffled their schedules and made certain he would have a sold out, filled to over capacity room - Yes, Montrealers are loyal fans and they let him know how much they appreciated him coming!

On Saturday, we wanted Ryan to catch up on some rest, but he wanted to relax by seeing the sights of downtown Montreal (and do some shopping, which he likes to do). But, he’d also promised two guests from his Friday night show (CJAD’s Laurie & Olga) that he’d do a radio interview, so we stopped in there. You can hear some of the fun we had there by clicking here. Prior to leaving on Sunday morning to visit family for only one day - before heading out to Myrtle Beach to work, I’m not sure how much rest Ryan did get, but there was something in his eyes that said he really did have a good time - and something in his heart that will always tell us - he’s sincere! We love you Ryan, God bless!

Ryan and LLM’s Doug McCready - “best o’ buds”. Pics on this page by Doug (president of Montreal’s ELVIS + Club)

CJAD’s talk show hosts “Olga & Laurie”

LLM’s Patsy Parker, Ryan’s # 1 fan!

And a big thank you Linda

A big thank you CC, 1st on left.

Ryan and very good friend Alice

Ryan (beating me at pool), Diva limo driver Frankie (off duty) , and LLM’s Penny in the lounge of our “Elvis” hotel.

Thanks to Anna, of Anna’s Wall fame. “Here is another one for the wall, Anna.”