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Let's hear it for the stars, the tributes and the fans! Famous entertainers make it possible for tribute artists to perform for a sold out crowd, there is no doubt - but if you haven't attended one of these show yet, you don't know what you're missing! This particular setting may be Montreal, but these shows could well be in your home town and if you ever have the opportunity to attend, do so!

Now itís true Montreal loves Elvis with a passion, they give ETAís overwhelming support each and every time we have a show. Montreal is also known for itís energetic, appreciative and often hyper audiences with various tastes in music, from Elvis,Country, Pop, R&R, to R&B. But no matter what style of music is chosen, Montreal loves to have a great time! Knowing this, a little over one year ago, we decided to produce legends type shows to see if the Montreal audience would stand up to their fore mentioned reputation - and they most certainly did! From experience, we learned that while people may come out to see a favorite tribute artist, it is the entire presentation of all the artists together who will command an overwhelming positive response to an event. So, LLM went on to produce successful quarterly legends shows and Iím going to let you see a few pics and read a little description the latest fun time in Montreal! Enjoy!

November 21st & 22nd - "Legends Live" Show & Dance - two venues (one on the island, one off) - two very different and very wild, enthusiastic audiences, making for what seemed like a non-stop week end party! It is unusual for a crowd to start dancing before they have seen a few acts perform, it usually takes them about two hours before they need a break - but when Quebec legend Billy Mason began singing favorites from the 50Ďs, such as Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Darin, and a few of his own hits, like the French version of "Tell Laura I Love her", that crowd couldnít help themselves but jump up on the floor and swing! Each tribute artist stepped right in to character - singing all the hits, doing all the typical gestures, giving the illusion that the original stars were there to entertain. This created a magical ambiance that was indeed well received! Billy was my co-host and introduced the acts, beginning with Montrealer Steve Rosati as a young Neil Diamond. What a performance! Steve's uncanny vocal resemblance to Neil allowed him to execute the crowd's favorite tunes, generating great applause and disbelief that Neil himself wasn't in the room with them! As Steve ended his last song, the spot light hit the back of the room to illuminate Torontonian Darren Brown's entrance as Garth Brooks! With headset on and stance typical to Garth, Darren had jumped on someone's table before the first few bars of the song were over. This created a frenzy and screams from different parts of the room beckoned Garth to sing from atop their table! Adding to the action, Darren had the crowd line dancing, slow dancing, and constantly entertained! The very exciting Shannon appeared next as Madonna and had the fans mystified with her outstanding performance! Shannon bounced around the room and had the crowd dance right along with her, as if they were part of a Madonna video! Billy Mason came back out to let the people continue their dance party, then introduced Rosanna Holmes as Patsy Cline! Rosanna blew the audience away with her tribute to Patsy. Tugging on every heartstring, brushing the occasional male brow, a compassionate smile to the women, no one went un-noticed. Rosanna's vocals were outstanding and from the heart, the typical Patsy Cline way! Make room for the "Las Vegas Elvis" fans, Johnny Thompson was back to make the women swoon and scream with delight! Montreal hadn't seen Johnny for a few years and knew he would be on hand to close the first part of the Legends show. You could hear the excitement in the voices as the 2001 theme began to play and by the time he made his way to the stage, some women were out of their seats to pawn him! It was wild, but Johnny managed to cover the entire room so all felt included. Those ladies savored every move Johnny made, stared right into his eyes when he passed by, and if he'd of had 200 scarves, they'd have been yanked off his neck in a flash! After the break, Steve Rosati returned as Elton John, Rosanna Holmes returned as Connie Francis and Darren Brown returned as Tim McGraw with equal tribute perfection and a delight to all. The finale was heightened by the return of Johnny Thompson singing a requested encore, and closing the show with American Trilogy. As I brought all the tribute artists back on stage for bow, I watched the crowd give a standing ovation to the excellent performers who had entertained them. Bravo kids, you were absolutely fantastic, and audiences everywhere - take my advice and make the effort to attend a Legends show anywhere - you won't be sorry! Joanna