The entire audience never expected to have Garth dance and sing on tables, but he did, every second table to the back of the room, and boy what a thrill! The impact was sensational! men were taken a back as the women couldn't resist the opportunity to sneak a pinch (where??) or steal a kiss from the energetic Darren - and what a voice! He even sounded like Garth! he got the crowd in the country mood, had them dancing in the aisles and even let the men know their treat would be coming up next with Shari Pascoe as Shania Twain!

After a short break of the people line dancing and rock and rolling, they were back at their seats to welcome Shari Pascoe as Shanai, but it only seemed to be for a short while, as Shari had them up and dancing again. A beautiful and petite girl in her own right, Shari was dressed a la Shania in her latest video, singing the latest hit "Gonna Get You" as she made her way to the stage! The bulk of the crowd couldn't sit still, but some men seemed to be paralyzed in their seats! With all of Shania's expressions, Shari worked her way through the room brightening faces with her warm smile, becoming the crowd to sing along to Shania's hit songs, which was very well received. As in most "Legend" type shows, the audience knew who would be up next....Elvis of course.

Over the theme of 2001 Space Odyssey all you could hear were screams..and it was mass hysteria time when Frankie Castro appeared as Elvis. Only 50% of the crowd there that night had seen Frankie in the Performers Showcase 2002, where he had earned quite the reputation as the ETA best representing the heart of Elvis, and those fans came out to see him again, some even donned in "Frankie T- shirts" - now it was time for the other 50% to understand what that crowd was talking about - and they did soon enough! Frankie's stage presence was incredible - his moves were great, but it was his Elvisly humble manner - his reaching out and touching the hearts of so many. He spoke to as many as he could, despite the women tugging at him , or others gently pulling the scarves from his neck - in the hopes of grasping an extra moment of his time - a lingering memory they may have had of Elvis, which is the truest form of appreciation for all ETAs - and what the ETA's appreciate most from the fans.

"A little bit country - A little bit rock and roll - A Legends Show" was brought to the Montreal stage in early December 2002. Along with Abel Entertainment out of Toronto, LLM provided the R & R acts, while Abel introduced the Country acts - a musical match that was a complete success......

A full house eagerly awaiting the variety to be performed that evening began cheering the moment Elton John (Steve Rosati from Mtl.) made his entrance. With each number so authentically sung, he induced audience participation from hand clapping to singing along with the choruses. Though Steve performed as Elton that night, he is also an exceptional ETA and particularly touching was his dedication of Yellow
Brick Road to fellow Mtl. ETA Johnny Casino, who passed away recently. Steve as Elton John gave a memorable performance and set an exciting stage for the next tribute performer - Darren Brown as Garth Brooks!

Off stage, Frankie signed countless autographs, spoke to every fan possible and truly won their hearts - until the next time Frankie, God bless! You are certainly an entertainer worthy of “Legends”!

We here at LLM would like to thank Lisa Barkley of Abel Entertainment for introducing us to Darren Brown and Shari Pascoe. The show was a complete success and we look forward to continued relations in the future, hopefully bringing a "Legends" type show out your way soon! On behalf of all four artists featured in this show, a big thank
you to all the Montreal fans who came out to support them all!

Pics by Patsy Parker

Story by Joanna Johnson