The beautifully decorated Serb Hall in Milwaukee Wisconsin had over 600 Elvis fans making their way through it's doors in support of the Special Olympics of Wisconsin's athletes, and in appreciation of the ETAs who performed. The event attracted people from the Greater Milwaukee area, along with a few out of town visitors from the Chicago-land area, Iowa, Ohio, New York and even Canada. The "Spirit of Elvis" could be felt throughout the hall as vendors displayed memorabilia, ETAs their merchandise, a silent auction took place, programs were autographed by the artists and before the ETAs had left the building, over $3,500.00 was donated to the Special Olympics of WI!

The sincere ETA pays homage to EP - the man and his music - with great respect. They pour their hearts and souls into their performance with one goal in mind - preserving the memory of E's essence in our hearts forever. Elvis was all about generosity his entire life, quietly giving money to charities of all kinds. Elvis was caring, humble and human - human and having faults like just like we do, and we the fans acknowledge and support him as one on the greatest entertainers of our time.


"An Elvis Story" was produced and presented by Jesse Aron and when he was asked how this idea came about, gave this explanation. After several serious talks with his peers, fans and friends about certain Elvis events they'd attended over the past few years, Jesse concluded they all shared the same point of view. Someone along the way had lost focus of the true meaning of "giving". So Jesse decided to bring back the generosity that has been slowly fading from the Elvis shows across the USA, with a little help from his friends. He hand picked the ETAs who all carried something special that reminded him of Elvis, and who had all shared a love for Elvis. He also had the backing of a wonderful staff and crew who helped him put it all together. And, in the Spirit Of Elvis, he welcomed the Special Olympics of WI as the charity they would all perform for. On April 23rd and 24th, 2004, the first annual ETA Benefit Showcase in Milwaukee WI was off to a successful start!

On behalf of the ETAs who performed and the fans who attended, we wish Jesse Aron, his staff and crew the best of luck in all future Showcases, and thank him for his love for EP and his tireless effort in putting together one of the greatest shows we've seen in a long time. As host of ETARadio, I was delighted to have taken part in this wonderful ETA event and as an Elvis fan, I was so very proud to have introduced these fantastic ETAs to the stage! I hope you'll enjoy some of the photos (taken by LLM's Doug McCready) and read the short stories about all who took part in the "Elvis Story". Happy viewing, Elvisly Yours, Joanna!