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This month, Joanna Johnson’s live interview is with Ryan Wood, producer of Elvis Expo 2004, an all-star show, convention, and worldwide ETA contest, which is being held on October 29, 30, 31 in Las Vegas.

In this interview, Ryan tells us a bit about his personal background. He’s a musician, from a musical family, and has been around music a long time.....starting out as a drummer and eventually playing guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, and any instrument he could get his hands on. He’s also a long-time fan of Elvis’ music and the musicians and singers who worked with Elvis. Ryan comes from an “Elvis” family too and, like Elvis, was raised on gospel music. His mother has always been a big Elvis fan, and his father was ‘converted’ after seeing Elvis live in concert in the ‘70's.

As a long-time Elvis fan and musician, and after going to various Elvis contests and shows throughout the country, Ryan decided to produce an event of great magnitude in Las Vegas, which as he says, was Elvis’ “second home.” He started brainstorming ideas, and by January/February of this year, things started coming to together. Ryan, along with Jason Parks of the ExSpence Account Band, and others, have been working hard over the past few months to make this exciting new event a reality.

Ryan tells us about some of the event highlights, including vendors, an ETA contest, an all-star “legendary show” with performances by many of Elvis’ original musicians and singers, including for example, the TCB Band, The Sweet Inspirations, DJ Fontana, the Imperials, Charlie Hodge and popular singer Terry Mike Jeffrey, a long time Elvis fan favourite. Other guests over the weekend include Darwin Lamm of Elvis International Magazine, Steve Christopher of Elvis on the Air Radio, and the ExSpence Account Band.

Ryan also tells us about the venue -- Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino -- which has been extensively remodeled and features a beautiful auditorium with state of the art sound and lighting, big TV screen monitors, and more. He also gives us a rundown of the 3-day event itinerary and the types of activities that fans, guests, ETA’s and others can expect to enjoy. Again, full details are on the ElvisExpo website, but the following is a brief overview:

Friday, October 29: vendors, ETA contest, meet & greet the special guests, Sock Hop Dance

Saturday, October 30: vendors, buffet lunch with Myrna Smith, ETA contest, Legendary Show featuring Terry Mike Jeffrey with Elvis’ musicians and singers.

Sunday, October 31: Gospel brunch with the Imperials performing, top 4 contest finalists’ showcase

Needless to say, this event, to date, has generated much interest from ETA’s and from fans throughout the country and around the world.

Joanna next asks about the ETA Contest.. It will feature about 50 top ETA’s who will pay a good tribute to Elvis. Each ETA will perform with the ExSpence Account Band. The contest will be as fair and reasonable as possible and they want each ETA who steps on the stage to feel he has a chance to win.....any “past record” at contests or “who has the most fans” will not be a factor. Prize money totals $7,500 -- details listed on website also.

Ryan says that he and Jason Parks, along with all the others involved, are committed to providing a weekend that is easy for all, reasonable, affordable, great fun and a mini-vacation. He also says that they are “here to answer questions” -- and they may be reached on their direct phone lines to answer any concerns or questions.

As Joanna states, “LadyLuckMusic.com stands behind you” and “wishes you all the very best of luck.” Joanna also encourages all ETA’s and fans to support Elvis Expo in a big way.

You can hear all Joanna’s questions and Ryan Wood’s complete answers in this live interview. Many thanks to Ryan Wood.


Elvis Expo 2004
October 29, 30, 31
Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Full Details:

Live interview conducted by Joanna Johnson
Foreword written by Carol Hunter


Jason, Ryan, and John.

Jason, John, and Ryan