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_________interview with Garry Wesley

I first saw Garry Wesley perform in January 2001 during the annual Elvis Birthday Tribute tour that is held each year in the Midwest. In fact, the write up of the two shows I saw in Wisconsin and Indiana formed the basis of my very first LadyLuck column. Later, in August of that same year, I watched Garry perform, along with Shawn Klush and Ryan Pelton, at what has become an annual “Elvis Tribute Show” at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Recently, our paths crossed again just following Garry’s successful appearances in Santiago, Chile last September, where he simply blew the audiences away. At that time, I asked Garry if he would write a short account of his experience, which he did
( Chile Tour article )

Garry is no newcomer to the ETA world. He’s been singing and entertaining for over 20 years, producing his own shows, working with American Superstars and Legends in Concert, and performing in many different types of venues -- often with Elvis’ original musicians and national acts. This month, for example, Garry is appearing at the Potawatomi Casino in Wisconsin with DJ Fontana, the Jordanaires, and his wife, Elaine Wesley, who does a great Patsy Cline. Many of you have also seen Garry and Elaine in Memphis during Elvis Week, where they’ve performed each August for the last l4 years.

Like many others, I’ve always enjoyed Garry’s Elvis tribute. He has the voice, he “knows” Elvis and the music, and he turns in a consistently excellent, solid performance. And – you can tell he really enjoys what he’s doing.

On a personal note, I’ve was also impressed by Garry’s promptness in replying to me when I had a request of him, and I appreciated the thoughtful “thank you” I received after the article on the Chile tour appeared on LadyLuck, especially as I know Garry is a very busy man these days!

You’ll enjoy this interview. Garry talks about the Elvis tribute shows in Chile and his future plans which include returning to Chile and coming up to Canada; there’s some advice for new ETA’s, and a bit about the contest scene. The personal side of Garry Wesley comes through, too -- he’s one nice guy and one class act!

______________________________________Carol Hunter

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DJ Fontana and Garry Wesley

Garry Wesley with The Jordanaires