Give me Memphis, Tennessee!!!

Well, wasn’t it a party!!!!! A week long celebration in honour of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley. As always, there was so much to see and do that fans just had to do their best to catch a bit of everything and zero in on the things/events that were important to them. In my case, that was to catch the big concerts taking place each night as I believe this was history in the making which will never be repeated on such a scale ever again–and it was a chance to see some of the great talents who were assembled together in Memphis for the week.

I’ve focused on the concerts that were the highlights for me....along with the talented “legends” and entertainers who were in Memphis for the week...I’ve also listed many of the other sights/sounds/people/events that contributed to an absolutely incredible and wonderful week. Elvis Week 2002 was right up there with Elvis Week l997....a lot of different experiences this time, but both weeks leaving me with enough memories to last a lifetime.

Hope everyone who went to Memphis for Elvis Week 2002 had a great time, that you were able to see and do the things that meant the most to you, and that you left with your own wonderful memories of this special “25th anniversary year” Tribute Week.

This month's column was truly a team effort. A big thank you to Bob Pooley, Haley Claxon, Faye Harris, Patti Willman, Barbara & Jack Luffman, Terri Mueller..for their extra photographs and input. A HUGE thank you to Jim Redmond of ETARadio, who worked with me day and night for hours, via computer, in order to get the pages together on time.