This month’s column features a successful family-run “legends” show in the Toronto area that has been produced each spring and fall for the last 10’s so well-known for miles around that when someone says, “I’m going to Phyllis’ show,” no further explanation is needed!

Ten years ago, Elvis fans, Phyllis and George Deline from Oshawa, Ontario decided to stage an “Elvis” show. They started in April 1994, with one ETA (Bob McVey, from Indiana) playing to tracks, and they rented a local theatre. Their show was so successful that they repeated it again that fall, and then again the next year...and the next......and they haven’t stopped yet! Soon they were including not only “Elvis” in their shows, but also bands and some of the best and brightest professional tribute stars from Canada and the US. Over the years, they have showcased 32 different tribute performers, 5 MC’s, and 5 bands. And these days, Delcor Entertainment’s twice yearly, sold out productions at the Oshawa Little Theatre also involve son Rodney, daughter-in-law Rhonda, and grandchildren, who all play a large part.

Comedic host, Victor J. Hanson, who has been working the high seas with Holland America Cruise Lines (and not gaining weight!) was as funny and passionate (!) as ever. He soon had everyone laughing as he showed the men how to meet single women (not!), and displayed his telepathic (or was it tele-pathetic) skill for making uncanny predictions. Always the consummate professional, Victor J announced the acts with flair and skillfully ensured that the show ran smoothly. Check Victor’s new website at

March 2004 marked their 10th Anniversary Gala Show, and LadyLuckMusic was there! Congratulations to Phyllis and George Deline and family on 10 successful years! Enjoy the photos and read about this year’s talented order of appearance.

The charismatic Ray Anthony, always a popular crowd favourite with his uncanny impression of Ritchie Valens, and his phenomenal guitar playing, instantly had the audience up on their feet dancing, swaying, and singing along to songs such as C’mon Let’s Go, Oh Donna, and a dyn-o-mite rendition of La Bamba. A talented musician and singer who has entertained throughout North America, Ray had flown in from Las Vegas where he often performs with Legends in Concert. Ray is currently at the Branson Mall Music Theatre in Branson, Missouri until mid-April, with the American Pie/Winter Dance Party tribute show, starring Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper.

Karen Grainger portrayed Celine Dion, complete with identical French-Canadian accent and quirky sense of humour. This was the first time “Celine” had appeared on the Oshawa stage and she was a big hit with the crowd as she sang beautiful songs such as My Heart Will Go On and I Drove All Night. One of Canada’s top female impressionists, Karen has starred in many shows in Canada, the US, and overseas, including Legends in Concert. Karen, who also performs as Cher, Reba McIntyre, and Shania Twain, was next headed to the Windsor Casino to star in her acclaimed “All In One” one-woman show.

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Six-year-old Zachary Peddie, from St. Thomas, Ontario, was indeed “A Little Something Special” as he sang his sweet version of Teddy Bear, much to the delight of the audience. Later in the show, Zachary melted hearts as he sang a touching rendition of Loving You, which, as he announced, was “for Phyllis.” Zachary was the winner of his division at the 2003 Collingwood Elvis Fest and he’s going out for young Zachary Peddie!

Anthony Von, who is also well-known as an award-winning ETA, performed as “himself” this time, displaying his versatility, and providing a nice change of pace. Anthony sang some great “non-Elvis” songs, including one he had written himself called The Elvis Look, along with Jump, Jive and Wail from his “Tony Spadina” swing act, and Walkin’ in Memphis, another fan favourite. Anthony had recently returned from a working cruise to Mexico and you can check his upcoming schedule at:

Newcomer to Oshawa, David Lee, an award-winning ETA from Birmingham, Alabama, portrayed the “Vegas years” Elvis Presley, to the delight of fans who had previously seen him at the Collingwood Elvis Fest. David, a true southern gentleman, entertained the audience "Elvis-style" during both sets, as he gave out scarves and sang beautiful songs such as American Trilogy, Unchained Melody, and a powerful version of Hurt. Check David’s website at:

The ever-popular Jeff Scott wowed the crowd with his energetic and just-plain-fun performance as Buddy Holly. Jeff, who bears a remarkable on-stage resemblance to Buddy, sang toe-tapping tunes such as That’ll Be The Day, Peggy Sue and Oh Boy, slip-sliding from one side of the stage to the other and even doing a clever version of the macarena just as you’d imagine Buddy Holly doing it! A talented musician and songwriter, Jeff has performed as “Buddy” in many shows in Canada and the US, including Legends in Concert in Myrtle Beach. His website is:

Another newcomer to Oshawa, Quisha Wint, enthralled the audience with her impression of Tina Turner and with her vocal ability. Quisha, a Canadian Idol finalist and versatile singer/songwriter, proved herself a dynamic and exciting performer. She delivered such classics as Proud Mary and What’s Love Got To Do With It with the same electrifying pizzazz as Tina Turner herself – complete with on-stage banter, dance steps, and those “Tina Turner legs.” Read more about Quisha at:

Vili Verhovsek, also an ETA award-winner, has recently branched out as a singer, songwriter, and fabulous entertainer in his own right... crooning Big Band songs and singing many of the beautiful standards that are so suited to his soaring and powerful vocals. The fans listened with rapt appreciation as he sang Roy Orbison’s Crying, Love Me, and Pretty Eyes, a beautiful song that he had written himself. Still only in his mid-20's, Vili V., as he’s known, has just been signed to a record label, and is a rising star with a bright future ahead. Vili’s new website is

Rod Stewart, portrayed with remarkable similarity by look-a-like, Dave Battah, quickly endeared himself to the audience as he delivered an energetic and engaging performance--jumping into the audience, dancing in the aisles with fans, and showing off his “Hot Legs” on stage. Dave, who sounds just like Rod Stewart too, sings the rowdy Rod songs we all know, along with favourites such as Maggie May...and this time he also included some beautiful American Songbook classics. Dave Battah has performed throughout Canada, the US, and overseas, captivating audiences wherever he performs.