Garry performing

Garry Wesley and crowd in Chile

DJ and Karen Fontana on tour bus.

Travis performing

The first show was a TV special, viewed by over 5 million people, which showed a medley of songs performed by Travis and Garry. The second show was at Vina Del Mar, about an hour from Santiago, at a casino near the ocean, where there was an audience of 600 people. The third show, was held at the Estacion Mapocho, one of the finest venues in Santiago, and it drew an audience of 4,700 eager fans.

There was much advance publicity and tremendous media response from the country’s leading newspapers, radio and TV stations, and magazines. This is the very first time that a “Tribute to the King” show of this magnitude has been held in Chile, and, as all over the world, there are thousands of Elvis fans there - along with several Elvis fan clubs.

While, we in North America, have become quite accustomed to seeing people “impersonate” or “imitate” or “pay tribute to” Elvis, this is a brand new and exciting experience for most fans in is the experience of seeing, in person, people such as
DJ Fontana and Joe Esposito, who knew and worked with Elvis for years.

The following photos give a sampling of the press conferences, TV interviews being conducted, some of the 5 million + viewers watching the TV shows, the tour bus, the venues, the performers, and the crowd reaction.

From all accounts (from the promoter, the guests, the performers, the band members, and the fans), this was an extremely successful venture and, in addition, everyone involved had a really great time. The media reaction was very positive...and
Garry Wesley and Travis LeDoyt were definite hits with the fans.

Often we hear “reviews” from fans and it’s my pleasure this time to be able to print a few “reviews’ from the performers themselves. At the time of writing this, Travis LeDoyt was out of the country but he and his family have kindly shared with me some of the emails he sent home to his family while he was in Chile. Here’s a sampling:

“Elvis” in South America

Tribute to the King
Show in Santiago, Chile

Tributo A El Rey

with Garry Wesley and Travis LeDoyt

In one of my previous columns, mention was made of a new company, Mario Giordani Productions, the focus of which will be to take Elvis tribute concerts to South America and other countries. The first shows have already taken place and now it’s time for some updates and a report on how the shows went and how they were received in Chile.

“Elvis” recently made a rare appearance in South America in the form of tribute artists Garry Wesley (and his band) and Travis LeDoyt , along with DJ Fontana, Joe Esposito, and promoter, Mario Giordani, as they ventured to Santiago, Chile for several shows between August 30 and September 2.

Hello Everybody. Let me just tell you everything is AWESOME here...everybody is extremely nice and we all get along great..the band is excellent....after the TV show, there were many people at the TV station yelling for me and waiting outside...I almost felt like the real ELVIS! I am having the time of my life here. The people are so friendly and I’m quickly learning to speak Spanish. “

“Hola Todos. Just a note to tell you the final show was FANTASTIC...there were more than 4,000 people there. They had 10 cameras filming the show and projecting on both sides of the stage. We were in a train station which has been converted to a theatre. It’s going to be broadcast here in Chile in about a week. This trip has been just INCREDIBLE....I have made a lot of friends here who I will miss a lot.

Here is an example of the “fan email” from Chile which appeared in Travis’s guestbook....similar to email received by Garry Wesley...showing once again the influence Elvis has had all over the world.

Last weekend I saw on TV the Wonderful Show that you made in Chile. This Concert has been seen in all our country on September 6. Has been a pleasure to know someone like you, singing the great ELVIS songs, so soulful and professional.

And finally a wonderful first-hand account summarizing the experience from
Garry Wesley. Thanks Garry!!

“The Chile show was overwhelming.

We started out performing on a large network TV program that reaches over 5 million people. This received great reviews. We then performed at a Casino outside Santiago which was also a great success.

Then, we performed for close to 5,000 people at a major venue. Few in the audience spoke English, yet they all knew all the words to Elvis’ songs...word for word in English. They started out uncertain about how to feel towards me and whether anyone could pull off a believable impression of someone as great as Elvis Presley, and before the show had ended they were chanting my name out loud! It blew me away and filled me with almost a spiritual feeling. I was also presented with the national flag of Chile.

I have been very fortunate over the years to perform for large audiences that have really appreciated my performances, but this was like nothing I have ever experienced in my career. I have received e-mails from Chile thanking me and asking me to come back. The Chile Elvis fan club have been very appreciative and kept in touch with me as well. I’m looking forward to returning there and performing again in such a beautiful country.

In closing, it reminds me that Elvis still “lives” and is still the greatest entertainer that has ever lived. And I am honored to pay tribute to his memory for Elvis fans world wide.”

Congratulations to Mario Giordani and to everyone involved in this highly successful, quality tour – and thanks to Garry Wesley and Travis LeDoyt for representing “Elvis” so well for a whole new group of Elvis fans.

For more information, contact:
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Crowds, Garry Wesley

TV interview: Garry Wesley (partially hidden) and Travis LeDoyt

Venue: Vina Del Mar, one of the most prestigous Casino Resorts in Chile

Press conference: left to right: Garry Wesley, Mario Giordani, Joe Esposito, DJ Fontana, Travis LeDoyt

Garry performing

Mario Giordani, Joe Esposito

Venue in Santiago, Chile: Estacion Mapocho

Crowds lining up at the Estacion Mapocho

Having fun at a press conference. Garry Wesley (left) and Mario Giordani (right

Fans in Chile

Press conference: Garry Wesley, Joe Esposito

Some of the 5 million viewers watching the TV show

Crowd at Estacion Mapocho, Santiago, Chile