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Arik pinkie swore he'd visit me in Indiana in January for my birthday, and he kept his promise. :) He spent 4 COLD days *thanks to Indianas weather* there, and had a good time. I then took the time in February to fly to Georgia and spend a week with him. Needless to say our friendship really had grown. I'm now located in Georgia. :)
If you'd like to see more pictures, and even hear an audio sample, hop on over to Arik's website at: If you like what you see, feel free to join the yahoo group I have set up for Arik- Elvis50sStyleWithArikChristopher, it can be reached at:
Arik also has a regular fan club, with newsletters & other good things, to find out more about it email:
Read on for an interview with Arik! Thanks for reading, I'll see you next month!!

Hello LLM readers/listeners and Happy Spring! I didn't write an article last month due to my move to Georgia. I'm settled for the most part and back to bringing "Cortney's Corner" your way! Have a great May, and read on to be introduced to Arik Christopher!

Arik Christopher is a new ETA in the field and is already gaining popularity. Being told by many people that he resembled Elvis, and renting a copy of Jailhouse Rock, got Arik hooked into the Elvis World. When he took his first trip to Memphis, and toured Graceland, he described his feelings as "care-free and content."
Arik grew up in a two room "shot-gun shack", just as Elvis did. Today at 27 years old, Arik is dedicated to bringing forth a respectful tribute to Elvis Presley. A tribute to help re-live the memories for some and to give the next generation the right representation of Elvis. Located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Arik portrays the 1950's Elvis, hip shaking to tunes such as Hound Dog, Treat Me Nice and Jailhouse Rock. His fan base continues to grow, as he gains more and more respect in the field.

I first learned of Arik through the ElvisPresleyTributeArtists Yahoo Group online. One day after a tornado ripped through my hometown, I told my story to the group. Arik took the time to email me and say he was glad everyone was okay. I emailed him back, and we began emailing and chatting just about daily!

November came, and I finally got to meet Arik in person. My dad took me to Alabama for the Disaster Relief Benefit shows that David Lee, Rick Lenzi and John Loos did. Arik went to the show in Oxford, we met, talked and became friends! After that show, people went up to Arik asking for pictures with him, of him, and even when he'd be doing shows! This took Arik by surprise, considering he wasn't part of the show! I managed to get Arik to go to the second show in Birmingham, and was glad I did. :) Arik and his friend (and manager) Blake, sat with us and we got to talk more and enjoy the show together.

1. What made you want to become an ETA?
Actually, when I was a child, I had an aversion to Elvis...all I knew was he was someone my mother loved and she always told people that I looked like a baby Elvis. What I got from peers was that Elvis wasn't a good person, so I bought into that for awhile....then I grew up, started thinking for myself, and discovered otherwise....then I wanted to do anything I could to improve his image; and thats how this began....

2. What is your main goal being an ETA?
To take people back in time and do it respectfully- to try and bring more quality to the ETA field.

3. What are some of your favorite songs to perform?
Treat Me Nice; Peace in the Valley; Dixieland Rock....

4. Where has or where would you like your show to take you?
I'd like it to take me to Hawaii, New York- Just all over, now that I have a little taste of travel I want to keep doing it!

5. Have you been to Memphis? If so what did that experience mean to you?
I was in Memphis back in April 2001, when all was quiet and peaceful. All I know is that every problem I felt I had in my life seemed to melt away while I was there, and it was like I was a million miles away from everything.

Have you attended Elvis Week?
Not yet, but I will be there this upcoming August! :)

7. Have you ever considered throwing any "Non-Elvis" songs into a show?
Always, but Elvis comes first naturally.

8. How do your family and friends feel about what you do?
My mom is a little apprenhensive about it because she is worried about all the traveling and who you can and can't trust out there, but most everyone is very supportive.

9. Have you met anyone that worked with or knew Elvis?
Elvis's stepbrother made an appearance at my high school one time, but I didn't speak to him.

10. Have you made any new friends resulting from your tribute?
Lots actually- which is real nice because I love to have good people around- but there's also a few people you come across that want to use you for one thing or another- but I'm thankful for all the good people I've come across.

11. What era of Elvis do you like to portray?
I'd look pretty silly right now in a jumpsuit since people think I'm 19- so 50's is the way to go for me. :)

12. What other interests/hobbies do you have?
Modifying cars, classic cars, my basset hound "Colonel," travel, 80's music, spending as much time as possible with my family. :)

Any Comments to the fans?
I just hope I can produce a good show for everyone and help to keep the proper memory of Elvis alive. To the members of my fan club, thank you endlessly so far for your love and support!

Thank you Arik for taking the time to answer these questions for the fans and readers of LLM! :)