Commemorating the 25 th year of the passing of Elvis, Sue Manuszak, president of EP Continentals has written a poem and Geri shares photos.


The late great Johnny Casino


Danny Boy Squire writes on Larry Geller and the “Blue Light.

Over the course of 3 short years, ETAR’s Head Writer, Carol Hunter, has built up a body of work that has made her one of the most respected ETA writers on today’s scene. She has interviewed the great Elvis legends, has battled with the mainstream press over how they portrayed Elvis, has given much needed advice to aspiring ETAs, spotlighted talent that was worthy of notice, and reviewed ETA books. Carol also works behind the scenes to co-ordinate all the written material and columns featured on the ETAR website. Click here to see a selection of some of Carol's work.

Cortney’s is LLM’s youth voice, and she has featured ETA greats like Shawn Klush, Doug Church, Ray Guillemette, Jesse Aron, Travis Morris, John Loos, David Lee and so many more. Why don’t you just click here
And see for yourself


A farewell to Al Dvorin

Doug Church Collingwood 2003

Carol Hunter’s Collingwood 2004