I saw her at the Street Dance in Collingwood and she really blew me away with her voice and performance. It's nice to see a woman paying tribute to Elvis without trying to fool people. I'd rather see an attractive woman in leather and long hair do a female interpretation of Elvis rather than someone in a bad wig and a fake voice (and there are a lot more men in that category than women). Laura puts on a great show and should be commended for breaking new ground. It helps to be talented as well.
Dan Fenton, ETA, Burlington, Ont.

Shes a 511 natural beauty, pursuing a singing, dancing, and acting career, appearing in as many theatrical & TV venues as she could in her 27 year lifetime. Only a few months ago, former Montrealer Laura Landauer decided to try a new avenue of performance - that of a female Elvis tribute artist - and she was an instant success! Ella Vis is from Toronto.

Canadian female Elvis Tribute Artist Ella Vis rocked the Elvis world with her powerful portrayal of the Elvis leather years when she performed at the Collingwood Elvis festival, 2001. A subject of an ongoing documentary, Ella Vis is new and rising fast, and becoming increasingly demanded as her popularity and fame spread. Dont miss Ella Vis on her way up!