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It was a wonderful and exciting weekend shared by all! The Montreal audience welcomed the 10 ETAs with open arms, applauded each of their performances and had one heck of a time choosing their favorites! We laughed at various arrival stories to our fair city, except for Paul Ross totaling his car (he's OK) and Shon Carroll's train being delayed, or Garyelvis Britt's plane being delayed - actually we really only roared talking with those who drove in and drove around our famous Dorval Circle! We enjoyed some "off time" singing together after hours, the boys made personal appearances, were chauffered around by Frankie of Diva Limo, they sang for their supper at Subway's and the Stop Restaurants, signed autographs around the city and did a radio interview, to mention a few things. They didn't get into too much trouble, made friends and they ribbed Denny Curtis about how much he talked, shared many ETA show stories, enlightened the movie producer with some of their history - All in all, we had a ball!
But when it came to showtime, all 10 ETAs exhibited the true professionalism and comradery, proving to the audience that they are supportive of each other and share a special indestructible bond and a mutual respect for the man they pay tribute to, Elvis Presley - A tribute not only to Elvis the entertainer, but Elvis the compassionate humanitarian. In the face of sometimes trying events in one's life, the ETA's show goes on, expressing the love he has in his heart through song, which helps to ease the pain. These 10 ETAs displayed most of their kindness behind the scenes, amongst each other, away from the crowd, well before the crowds were informed of tragic news within the ETA family. The fans and the ETAs alike shared a highly emotional period, offering complete silence as I read letter on Friday evening after the winners were announced, from ETAR's news director Joan Minnery, which is attached to the bottom of this page. In the letter she described the "essence" and Spirit of Elvis, the true meaning of the ETA and who best exemplified the ETA - Shon Carroll, a.k.a. "The Canadian Flash". Shon brought his wife and two daughters to Montreal with him. As I presented Shon with a LadyLuckMusic commemorative Elvis Bust, on behalf of his ETA brothers and sisters, the filled to capacity hall rose to their feet, clapping and crying, while the other ETAs in the show came around to embrace Shon. The ETAs were comforting to the Carroll family all weekend. Lending comfort and support is what the ETA is all about!
In alphabetical order, I would like to thank Glenn Aitchison, Garyelvis Britt, Shon Carroll, Denny Curtis, Dan Fenton, Robert Fisher, Gino Monopoli, Paul Ross, Danny Vernon & Michael Viljac - you were all fantastic, charming and witty When the votes came in, it was obvious the people had a tough time picking the favorites, they even had pet names for you all. In the three top choices for the first ballot on the Friday, there was a tie and four were picked- Danny Vernon, Shon Carroll, Paul Ross and Gino Monopoli, three being only two points apart. On the second ballot, Paul Ross 1st, Danny Vernon 2nd & Gino Monopoli 3rd. Saturday night, 90% different crowd, top three on the first ballot were Paul Ross, Shon Carroll & Gino Monopoli - second ballot, Shon Carroll 1st, Paul Ross 2nd & Gino Monopoli 3rd. All the votes were oh so close! All the ETAs were oh so good! LLM hopes you'll come back real soon - Enjoy some of the pictures we put together! Adios, Joanna
pics by Patsy Parker.

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And here are a few words from Joanie, LLM’s news director.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary since Elvis Aaron Presley, the KING of Rock and Roll passed away and left the world in mourning and undeniable sadness but with unreachable and perhaps, never before realized, fan adoration and love, from millions across the Universe.

Over the course of the last 25 years, a new phenomenon has quietly but steadily increased; that of Elvis Tribute Artists. There are now well over 40,000 ETAs world-wide and that number increases yearly, as the ever popular and increasing awareness and love for ELVIS grows and reaches more and more people. The fact that our ETAs are younger now, is a testament to the legacy of this man, who brought joy into so may people's lives.

In the world of ETAs, there are the STARS, the guys who rise to the top and tour Vegas and Japan and win contests all over the World and bring home some well earned pay cheques. Then there are the guys who do this as a hobby, tour nursing homes and perform for handicapped children and YES, sadly, there are fellas, who just don't pay Elvis any respect, but those are few and far between.

However, every so often, within this tightly knit community of ETAs, something happens and someone puts paying Tribute to Elvis into a NEW light, a halo of reality and the true reason why Elvis continues to be the KING.

That person is Shon Carroll...

On Saturday February 16th, Shon Carroll lost his 13 year old and only son, Justin, in a horrific fire in Kitchener Ontario. Justin's funeral on Wednesday February 20th, was a lovely service attended by over 400 people, including all of his classmates. During the funeral, Shon stood up, turned to the mourners; and with a voice, echoing in pain, sadness but still with reverence and respect; sang two Elvis songs to his son. Shon, chose to sing "You Gave Me A Mountain", and "You'll Never Walk Alone", and brought the 400 people to a quiet calm with his voice and his deep desire to allow for his son, to hear his Dad sing, one last time. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed and without a doubt the PROUDEST moment I have ever been able to watch and be a part of, as a fellow ETA and entertainer.

Justin wanted his father to take part in the February 22nd & February 23rd contest in Montreal Quebec and was extremely excited about the fact that his Dad was personally chosen by ETAR to be one of the 10 contestants and had been boasting about it to his friends. It is due to THIS fact, to honour Justin's memory and his wishes for his Dad to be in Montreal, that Shon decided to compete this in Montreal. And how poetic that Shon, exactly ONE week after his son passed away, would WIN first place in the ETAR People's Choice Awards Contest.

As the Director of Brantford's Elvis Festival, the News Director of ETAR, and the Owner/Manager of Memphis Motion, it is my personal opinion, which is shared by countless others that Shon Carroll, has leaped above all of his comrades and peers in his determination and Grace to honour his son, Justin

Shon Carroll, is the finest example of what it means to be an Elvis Tribute Artist and has taken the Good Will, character and overall spirit of the KING to a new level of brilliance and utmost respect. Elvis Fans everywhere are to be grateful, that we have someone like Shon within our midst to keep Elvis' memory alive. HE, is and would be proud to hear Shon singing his songs.

I remain, Elvisly yours,

Joan Minnery

Glenn Aitchison “The Dude”

Garyelvis Britt “The Heart”

Denny Curtis “ The Wanderer”

Michael Viljac “The Smile”

Robert Fisher “The Maestro”

Dan Fenton “The Spirit”

Danny Vernon “The Soul”

Gino Monopoli “The Comedian”

Shon Carroll “The Flash”

Paul Ross “The Voice”