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David Thibeault is a young lad from Quebec city, with a big voice....who is also a big Elvis fan.  He surprised everyone on a Quebec city radio station, by singing Blue Christmas and sounding pretty much like the "King".  LLM saw David last March, when he entered "Dans Les Souliers d'Elvis"  competition at Montreal's Place Des Arts. That competition was won by Montreal's own Matt Nardi, who has appeared on the LLM stage several times. But even though David didn't win then, listening to him now obviously says there's a good chance he could in the near future. We wish David all the best and since it is so close to Christmas, take a look at this video and you will see why David is our video pick of the month!
Quebec Elvis David Thibault on CJAD
Concours Elvis Contest
Being a wearer of many hats in the music industry, I have had the good fortune of meeting so many fascinating people in the "Elvis" world.
As the host of Lady Luck Music's Elvis Tribute Artist Radio , I had the opportunity to present hundreds of  vocalists to listeners, and also conducted many interviews.
One such thrilling experience, was taking part in Ryan Wood’s Elvis Expo 2004, in Las Vegas.  I met up with friends who have since passed on, like Charlie Hodge and Myrna Smith...I found the story and I'm sure you will enjoy the pictorial, just click this link:   
Great memories. Among the E-celebs, were up and coming tribute artists, with a few who were living and working in Vegas at the time.  Wow, they were talented characters, who enjoyed entertaining the audience and off stage?  Wow again! It seemed they were always happy!
Nine years has passed since E.P.Expo, and one of those energetic characters (whom you'll see a pic of in the story) found himself in Memphis during Elvis week. His years of stage experience, complimented by his very original style of entertaining, won him the "Ultimate Elvis 2013" title. This Elvis Tribute Artist is an accomplished musician, an actor, and does it all with an original flair, which is a hard task to do.
I had the privilege of featuring him on Elvis Tribute Artist Radio back in 2000 and have followed his career since then. Friends, take a look at the winning song and performance of Mr Dean Z.  
In this  video, Dean exudes professionalism and dynamic energy and natural talent. This is my video pick!                          Joanna Johnson/ LLM
LLM’s Video Spotlight
Dean Z
Spittin’ Image 2013!
Julie Richards as Carrie Underwood was just one of the many talented performers in LLM's 4th Annual Spittin' Image Celebrity Impersonator Competition..
Pic by Sue Harris
Frankie Castro American Country  Music Awards Cameo appearance
Samedi 22 mars 2014, Montréal a été traité au concours de Musique Lady Luck Elvis - édition de Québec.
On Saturday, March 22, 2014, Montreal was treated to Lady Luck Music’s  Elvis contest - Quebec Edition
Priscilla Presley to appear at
The Collingwood Elvis Festival
Après une absence de huit ans de la scène musicale, interprét Johnny Ross est de retour! « Elvis Reborn » a eu lieu le samedi 31 mai au Théâtre Corona de Montréal, à la grande joie d'une salle complet.  Accompagné par un orchestre de 10 musiciens et trois chanteurs exceptionnellement talentueux, il était facile de voir comment ce bien produit spectacle, a été un succès. Bonne chance Johnny, il semble que vos fans sont excités de voir vos prochains spectacles!
After an eight year absence from the music scene, tribute artist Johnny Ross is back.  "Elvis Reborn" was presented on Saturday, May 31st, to the delight of a sold out crowd at the Corona Theatre in Montreal.  Backed up by a ten piece band and three excellent back up singers, it was easy to see how this well produced show was a success.  Good luck Johnny, it looks like your fans can't wait to see your next shows!
Pic by